Ivor Cutler – In The Chestnut Tree

Sometimes you find beauty in the most unexpected places. I was compiling a playlist of songs about wood for my wife last week (this isn’t quite as strange as it first sounds, it was our 5th wedding anniversary on Saturday, for which wood is the traditional gift. I did buy her a proper present as well), and was looking for some songs to include alongside the more obvious choices (Knock on Wood, Norweigan Wood, Feed The Tree etc.). I happened upon Ivor Cutler’s ‘In The Chestnut Tree’. I was a little familiar with his work already. He had cropped up regularly on the John Peel show, before both men passed within 18 months of each other a decade ago, and I had a song of his on a Rough Trade compilation I used to own. I knew him to be a slightly eccentric man, producing quirky little songs and poems, they were funny and unique, but I expected little from them.

In The Chestnut Tree is different though, it’s a simple thing, less than 90 seconds long, just a few lines of Cutler’s surprisingly pretty singing voice (I am a bit of a sucker for a Scottish singer, as my King Creosote review will attest), accompanied by a sparse piano, but I find it to be compelling, beautiful and deeply romantic, more so than I ever could have though possible from a track from a 40 year old spoken word album. I hope you love it too.

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