Track of the Day 484 : Syd Barrett – Terrapin

Every day I post a track of the day on the blog, as a kind of musical diary, but also a way of sharing the music I love. Some will be new, some will be old. Some days I’ll write a little about them, some days a lot. Today, number 484 : Syd Barrett – Terrapin

For the last 483 days I’ve been posting a track of the day on Tumblr. As of today, I’ve decided to post them to the main blog instead. And, as it’s Valentine’s day, I thought why not start with a love song?

My wife has introduced to me to a lot of music, and none have I loved more than the music of Syd Barrett. I had previously known little of the man, other than as a drug casualty and early member of Pink Floyd. I had never, to my knowledge, heard a note of his solo material, but as soon as I did I was smitten. It had that lo-fi, home made feel that I love, with lyrics both poetic and hilarious, and a way with melody that is all too rare. Like the early Pink Floyd records, but stripped to their essence, their core.

Terrapin is a particular favourite from Barrett’s ‘The Madcap Laughs’ album, and was the one of the songs my wife shared on the compilation CDs we sent back and forth in the early days our relationship, when we lived hundred of miles apart. As love songs go, it doesn’t get much more direct than an opening line of “I really love you, and I mean you”, and the most important thing I learnt in the early days of our relationship is that it is ok to be direct, to be honest about my feelings, to put my heart on the line. So, on Valentine’s Day, thank you for teaching me that my love, for introducing me to the music of Syd Barrett, and for so much else besides. “Oh baby, my hair’s on end about you”

The first 483 tracks of the day can only be found on my Tumblr. Everything since can be found here. There’s also a Spotify playlist of every single track of the day (or those available on Spotify at least) below:


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