Track of the Day 489 : The Vaselines -You Think You’re A Man


Like many, I knew The Vaselines only through Nirvana’s cover versions of three of their songs. So when I received a 3LP Vaselines set this Christmas, I did wonder whether the three Nirvana-covered songs would be the only good ones. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case, a whole world of wonders were to be found in those lo-fi indie-pop records.

Ironically, one of my absolute favourite tracks on the records was a cover by The Vaselines, of an Eighties disco track by Divine ‘You Think You’re A Man’. It’s a wonderful, gleeful take, retaining the pop nous of the original whilst adding The Vaselines own shonky charm, whilst providing an unexpected two degrees of separation between Nirvana and Divine.

The first 483 tracks of the day can only be found on my Tumblr. Everything since can be found here. There’s also a Spotify playlist of every single track of the day (or those available on Spotify at least) below:


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