Track of the Day 494 : Kaytranada – Together

I was a bit dubious of the rave reviews Kaytranada’s album 99.9 received last year, partly because it featured Craig David as a guest vocalist on one track, but mainly because it just didn’t grab me on first listen. Over the last few months though I’ve grown to enjoy its’ blend of hip-hop and house, featuring many, many different singers and rappers.

My favourite track on the album is also one of the poppiest, the AlunaGeorge starring ‘Together’. I rarely hear any current pop music nowadays (although that may change when my daughter gets a little older), so it’s easy to forget just what a joy it can be. Together is full of crisp drum beats, disco synths, and insistent melodies. Basically everything that makes for great pop.

The first 483 tracks of the day can only be found on my Tumblr. Everything since can be found here. There’s also a Spotify playlist of every single track of the day (or those available on Spotify at least) below:


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