Track of the Day 513 : Young Adventurers – She’s So Nice

It’s always good when a new record label launches in your home city, so I’d like to welcome Leeds’ latest addition, Bowl Cut Records, who joined us with the excellent North x South West compilation back in January. I’ve already featured Crumbs excellent ‘On Tiptoes’ without even knowing it appeared on this comp, and today is the turn of Young Adventurers .

She’s So Nice packs all the melodic power of the best pop-punk, with the chorus of “I regret telling you that you look nice in that dress” guaranteed to stayed lodged in your brain for days, but it also has a bit more of edge with crunching riffs offsetting the sweetness perfectly.

Find Bowl Cut Records on Bandcamp here, and here are Young Adventurers

The first 483 tracks of the day can only be found on my Tumblr. Everything since can be found here. There’s also a Spotify playlist of every single track of the day (or those available on Spotify at least) below:




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