A Good Day to Discover Music – 2nd July 2018

Every couple of weeks I bring you my favourite musical discoveries from the last fortnight. They may not always be ‘new’, but they’ll always be new to me, and hopefully to you. Those which are on Spotify, I’ll add to the playlist below, then remove after a couple of months so it always stays fresh.

And if you like anything on this playlist, as always, try to support artists by buying their music, merch or seeing them live. I’ve included links to bandcamp or artists/labels websites where possible.

This fortnight’s choices:

Low – Quorum/Dancing And Blood/Fly

Low, one of my favourite bands for many years, recently teased their new album (Double Negative – released 14th September), by releasing the opening three songs, and I’ve barely listened to anything else since. The songs are recognisably Low, but built around electronic landscape full of distortion and glitch. I’ve no idea who they have been listening to (Matmos? Fever Ray?), but this is some of the boldest, most beautiful music they have ever recorded. That a band 25 years into their career can remain such a potent creative force is a wonderful example, and I strongly suspect Double Negative will be extremely high on my albums of the year list.

Lump – Late to the Flight

Laura Marling and Tunng are both artists I listened to a lot and then kind of lost touch with, so this collaboration between Marling and Tunng’s Mike Lindsay came as a pleasant surprise, combining elements of folk and electronica, but also psychedelia. Very much its’ own distinct project rather than sounding like Marling’s solo songs with a different producer.

Beverley Glenn-Copeland – Color of Anyhow

It sometimes seems the early 1970s contains a never ending supply of lost classic folk songs, but this is a particularly fine example, from Beverley Glenn-Copelands’ self-titled 1970 album. Glenn-Copeland is a trans man, with a fascinating life story, which is well worth reading about here:

The Breeders – All Nerve

The Breeders recent album All Nerve might just be the best of their career. My favourite track shifts from day to day, but the quietly beautiful title track is where I have landed for today.

Bas Jan – Tide Me Over

Bas Jan’s punningly titled debut album ‘Yes I Jan’ is one of my favourites so far this year. I could have chosen any of half-a-dozen songs from it for this list, but opener Tide Me Over captures everything I love about this band in all of their post-punk Raincoats-esque glory

Fatoumata Diawara – Nterini

A wonderful Malian singer, who I know little about, but will certainly be investigating further.


Thousand – Le Nombre De La Bete

Almost all of the information about this song that I can find about this song is in French, so there’s not much I can add, other than, despite being released earlier this year it has that timeless quality of the best French pop.

Christine and The Queens – Girlfriend

For some reason, I had always assumed I would dislike Christine and the Queens, but this 90s pop-styled collaboration with Dam-Funk has proven me wrong. A good week for French pop.


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