A Good Day to Discover Music – 3rd August 2018

Every couple of weeks I write about my favourite new musical discoveries. They may not always be ‘new’, but they’ll always be new to me, and hopefully to you. There’s a little bit about why I love each track, and links to artist/label websites or Bandcamps wherever possible.

Those which are on Spotify, I’ll add to the playlist below, but as always, try not to rely on Spotify for supporting bands. If you love any of these bands as much as I do, support them by buying their music, merch or seeing them live, if you are able to do so.

This fortnight’s choices:

Sons of Kemet – My Queen is Doreen Lawrence

The Mercury Prize shortlist was even duller than usual this year, but it did at least lead me to discover the excellent Jazz act Sons of Kemet. This track features one of my favourite lyrics of the year “Don’t want to take my country back mate, want to take my country forward”

Janelle Monae – Screwed

I’ve been listening to the Janelle Monae album Dirty Computer a lot recently and my favourite track changes from listen to listen, but ‘Screwed’ captures everything that’s great about Monae’s lush funk-influenced R & B

Let’s Eat Grandma – Donnie Darko

This epic closing track from Let’s Eat Grandma’s recent ‘It’s All Ears’ album, combines house, psychedelia, Synthpop and more to stunning effect, where in lesser hands it could have been a complete mess.

Rodney Cromwell – Dreamland (Alice Hubble remix)

Rodney Cromwell’s recent EP ‘Rodney’s English Disco’ contains 4 excellent tracks and 4 equally good remixes and is well worth a purchase (from Happy Robots Records). I’ve been particularly enjoying this appropriately dreamy remix of Dreamland by Alice Hubble

The Chefs – One Fine Day

By no means a new band, but new to me, this is gorgeous indie-pop that dates back to 1981, but has that timeless quality that makes it sound as if it could have been released any time between now and then.


T-Shirt Weather – 30 Teeth

Like Pale Kids (with whom they share a member), T-Shirt Weather are another fantastic pop-punk band from Durham. Their album Dinner and a Show is full of glorious tunes, so why not start with opener 30 Teeth?

Protomartyr (featuring Kelley Deal) – Wheel of Fortune

I’m highly likely to love any track featuring a Deal sister, and this sludgy post-punk number from Protomartyr is no exception

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