A Good Day To Discover Music – 17th August 2018

Every couple of weeks I write about my favourite new musical discoveries. They may not always be ‘new’, but they’ll always be new to me, and hopefully to you. There’s a little bit about why I love each track, and links to artist/label websites or Bandcamps wherever possible.

Those which are on Spotify, I’ll add to the playlist below, but as always, try not to rely on Spotify for supporting bands. If you love any of these bands as much as I do, support them by buying their music, merch or seeing them live, if you are able to do so.


This fortnight’s choices:

Trust Fund – Blue X

I appear to have waited until the end of their career to discover Trust Fund, but this joyous indie-pop from their final album ‘Bringing the Backline’ is a fine example of what I’ve been missing out on. Time to go back and explore the back catalogue I think.

The Mountain Goats – Song For Sasha Banks

The Mountain Goats release a wrestling-themed album, Wrestler Sasha Banks asks them “where’s my song?”. They write her a song. It is pretty wonderful. The end.

Mark Kozelek – This Town

Mark Kozelek’s solo album from earlier this year had passed me by until now, but this rambling, poetic track, full of beautiful imagery and dry humour about San Francisco, is a fine example of his work.

Moses Sumney – Rank & File

In the wake of last year’s excellent Aromanticism album, Moses Sumney has rereleased his 2014 EP Black in Deep Red. This track Rank & File, showcases all the qualities found on the more recent album.

Tunng – Dark Heart

After Mike Lindsay’s excellent collaboration with Laura Marling earlier this year as Lump, his main band Tunng return with perhaps their catchiest single to date, more synthpop than folktronica.

Mac Miller – Small Worlds

Wonderfully laid-back slow-paced hip-hop from the Pittsburgh rapper

The Leaf Library – Building Better Worlds

Originally commissioned to soundtrack an art exhibition, this is 15 minutes of epic, rhythmic space rock which never never outstays its’ welcome and reveals new delights in each listen.

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