A Good Day To Discover Music – 10th September 2018

Every couple of weeks I write about my favourite new musical discoveries. They may not always be ‘new’, but they’ll always be new to me, and hopefully to you. There’s a little bit about why I love each track, and links to artist/label websites or Bandcamps wherever possible.

Those which are on Spotify, I’ll add to the playlist below, but as always, try not to rely on Spotify for supporting bands. If you love any of these bands as much as I do, support them by buying their music, merch or seeing them live, if you are able to do so.

Arc Iris – $GNMS

I’d listened to Arc Iris a little before, but they hadn’t really caught on with me until now. The epic, strange brilliance of $GNMS suggests I have been missing out. Looking forward to the upcoming album ‘Icon of Ego’ out October 12th.

Cat Power – Woman

Been a long time since we’ve had a new Cat Power album and I’m pleased to report that ‘Woman’, the first track from the upcoming ‘Wanderer’ is one of her best, recalling the warm, lush sounds of her album ‘The Greatest’

Justus Proffit and Jay Som – Nothing’s Changed

Polyvinyl has been one of my favourite labels for many years now, and the upcoming collaborative EP from Justus Proffit and Jay Som looks set to be another superb release if this title track is anything to go by. Gorgeously melodic with hints of Elliott Smith and Teenage Fanclub.

Nadine Khouri – A New Dawn

A new discovery for me, Nadine Khouri is a Beirut-born, London-based singer-songwriter with a stunning voice, whose atmospheric alt-folk reminds me a little of another artist on this week’s list, Cat Power.

Cult Party – Pastures of Plenty

Perhaps my favourite of all this week’s discoveries, this minimalist folk number from Manchester’s Cult Party is just stunningly beautiful, a record that demands and rewards one’s full time and attention. Thanks to For The Rabbits for introducing me to this band (and many others!)

Protomartyr & Spray Paint – Bags and Cans

Protomartyr seem to be the kings of collaboration this year, recording some excellent tracks with Kim Deal earlier in the year, now the excellent Bags and Cans, the b-side of a collaborative single with Spray Paint, sitting in a sweet spot between Sonic Youth and At The Drive-In.

Sleaford Mods – Stick in a Five and Go

Sleaford Mods continue to be one of the most consistently excellent bands in the country, and ‘Stick in a Five and Go’ from their upcoming self-titled EP is no exception. Only they could have come up with this tale of getting in a Twitter argument with a man from Leeds, them going up to exact his revenge disguised as a postman.

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