COVID-19 Diary – 19th March


Test day working from home today, in advance of moving to fully working from home next week. I say working from home, but today was mostly trying to sort out technical problems rather than actual work. The University I work for has been somewhat slow to respond to this crisis, which has left it in a real rush this week to set up the vast majority of its’ workforce for working from home from next week.

The University is not helped by its’ archaic attitude to working from home in normal times. It seems to think of its’ staff as naughty children who won’t do their work unless there is someone staring over their shoulder. If your staff are completing all the work expected of them to a good standard, I have no idea why it matters where they are physically located. If working from home were more normalised already, it would be easier to move to now. I am lucky that my boss is understanding and flexible, and recognises the difficulties I am going to have combining work and childcare from next week.

I was also on school drop off and pick up today, the last time I will be doing so until the schools re-open. I felt pretty emotional watching the kids run around the playground, knowing that they will soon not be seeing each other for months on end. Even sadder for those kids who are in Year 6 or Year 11 who do not know if they will ever return to their current schools. Still not affecting my daughter at this stage, who came out of class as happy and excited as always, showing off the toy she had made from a cereal box that day.

Lots of texting round friends and family this evening, seeing how everyone was doing. I have always prided myself on being a good friend, but since having kids I have found it harder and harder to keep in touch with everyone as much as I would like. If there was ever a time for making the extra effort, it is now. We’re not going to see much of each other, but digital contact is better than none.

Music Recommendation Of the Day : Duck – New Super Power

Superb DIY noisepop from Sheffield/Leeds, who I saw late last year on a fantastic bill with Witching Waves and Big Joanie late last year

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