COVID-19 Diary – 21st March – Every Day Is Like Sunday


Saturday would normally mean a flustered start to the day, getting my son ready and out the door for his swimming lesson. Saturday morning has typically been a time for activities for our kids, swimming, dance, gymnastics and such like. It’s always suited me, as I have tended to feel more at ease taking the children to do things, whether structured activities, or just tiring themselves out at a park. I’m not so good at thinking of activities to keep them occupied at home, coming up with craft projects and imagination games not being my forte.

For that reason, I’ve sometimes found Sunday a tricky parenting day. There are no activities on, and other places I take the children, like soft play or the library tend to be shut. Now every day is effectively Sunday, with nothing open and not much to do. This Saturday was the first of tens, maybe even hundreds of consecutive Sundays.

Not too bad a day as it turned out. It had moments of drag, but we mainly managed to keep the kids entertained. We even made it out for a quick stroll through the park, taking care not to get too close to other (and how strange it is to be virtually recoiling at the sight of other humans). In the evening, engrossed in a documentary on Netflix, we even managed to forget about the current situation for a while, although, as when I wake up each morning, reality snapped back into focus the moment it ended.

I have come to appreciate Sundays in recent times, and the opportunities it provides for just hanging out, all four of us, as a family, no particular place to go. I just hope the kids sake and our own, we can keep those Sunday type days fund when they are no longer just once a week.

Music Recommendation Of the Day : Laura Veirs – I Was A Fool


A beautiful, heartbreaking lament to the breakdown of a marriage, from one of my favourite singers. Possibly avoid if you’re looking for something to cheer yourself up.

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