COVID-19 Diary – 22nd March – Mother’s Day


Probably the toughest day of the pandemic so far for me, feeling pretty down for large parts of the day. Mother’s Day hasn’t always been a huge day with me and my mum, she’s not someone who wants to be made a big fuss of (genuinely – not the sort of person who says they don’t expect to be made a fuss of while still expecting you to). We would usually do something though, so not being able to go within two metres of my mum on Mother’s Day was tough. Even more so the knowledge that it could be weeks or months before we can interact normally again. I could do with a hug from my mum right now.

Equally tough to have to keep my distance from my nephew and niece when I dropped some things round at my sisters. Getting children, especially small ones, to understand the concept of social distancing will not be an easy task.


A tough day, but coming downstairs from some tidying to find my son in a bucket watching Finding Nemo did raise a smile.

Music Recommendation Of the Day : Cheerbleederz – Disco

Wistful indie-pop that reminds me of my teenage years (not because I ever went to discos, just because it sounds like some bands I used to listen to back then).

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