COVID-19 Diary – 23rd March – Lockdown


First day of my new weekday schedule, which is likely to remain this way for some time. Looking after the kids in the morning whilst vaguely trying to educate them (using the phrase home schooling would probably give me more credit than I deserve), then working from lunchtime through to 7pm , before dinner, a little TV and then bed.

The morning was actually great fun, kids 5 minute workout and kids Yoga on Youtube, maths problems, science videos, football in the garden, reading stories, what’s not to like? Admittedly trying to educate a 5 year old whilst also entertaining a 2 year old can be tricky, and I’m glad more than ever that we decided to stop at two kids, as trying to look after 3 or more at this particular time would be, well, trying. It’s become a cliche already for self-isolating parents to marvel at how teachers manage all this with a class of 30 (or more), but it remains true nonetheless. They are wonderful, and I appreciate them.

The afternoon was not quite so much fun, sat at a desk in my bedroom for seven hours, occasionally passing through my family to get a drink or snack, and gazing forlornly out of the window from time to time. Not massively different from my normal working day in the office in some ways, and at least equally productive, but still weird hearing the noises of my family from downstairs and having to resist the temptation to go down and join in.

Then the evening, and the expected announcement of stricter lockdown measures. You knew it was serious because we voluntarily put on the TV to watch Boris Johnson speak, something that would not happen under any other circumstance I can think of, unless war were declared. With my wife being higher-risk due to her asthma, we had pretty much decided on a strategy of only going out to buy food and to walk in the park once a day anyway, so in a way it didn’t change much. It was still strange though to hear a Prime Minister asking the nation not to leave their houses, and upsetting to have it confirmed that we won’t see family or friends in person for weeks or months. What shocks me is how quickly it has all happened. Rewind less than a week and my workplace was still insisting it was business as usual, unless you had symptoms. What will seven more days bring?

PS. not going to do the music recommendations of the day on here any more as it seemed a bit incongruous, I might start a seperate thread on Twitter though (@onagooddayblog if you’re interested).

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