COVID-19 Diary – 29th March – Boredom


I’ve read, numerous times, that letting your children get bored is a good thing. Boredom sparks imagination and creativity they say, and I totally believe it, it makes complete sense. Thing is, I also remember reading loads of things saying how important to keep your baby/toddler/child stimulated, which has created the opposite impulse to try and stop the children getting bored at all costs. Since I’ve had kids I’ve also lost the knack of relaxing myself . I don’t have as much downtime, and when I do have it I get a bit twitchy and still feel like I should be doing something productive.

Anyhow, a long rainy (snowy even!) Sunday during lockdown will test anyone’s limits of filling their children’s time, but it never felt like the kids themselves were getting particularly bored, filling their time happily enough with toys and imagination games when we were not actively thinking of things for them to do. I suspect the worry is actually more about my boredom than theirs. Hopefully I’ll learn something from all this, that I don’t have to plan out and fill every moment of my childrens’ time, they are capable of entertaining themselves. Boredom is not so bad after all.


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