COVID-19 Diary – 31st March – Potty Training


As if trying to educate a 5 year old whilst simultaneously trying to entertain a 2 year old wasn’t enough, we thought we’d throw a bit of potty training into the mix. To be fair, we’ll never have a better opportunity than this. The hardest part of potty training is always when you’re out and about, I seem to remember from the first time round, including one memorable incident where my daughter wanted to sit on my knee in a locally cafe then decided it would be the perfect moment for a wee. There will still be accidents at home of course, but they will be easier to clean up and the embarrassment levels are lower.

He had already been using the potty first thing in the morning and last thing before bed, so now seemed like a natural time to start to get rid of the nappies (given that they’re one of the things people have been panic buying, there’s a small possibility we may not have the choice). The first day was, shall we say, a mixed bag (I will spare the details), but then it would have been quite a shock had it been an instant success.

By the time my son goes back to nursery, if he even does, he could be out of nappies, out of the buggy and no longer napping. He will be a very different person when this is all over as, I suspect, will we all.

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