COVID-19 Diary – 6th April – School Holidays


School Easter holidays started today, although of course, the line between school holiday and not school holiday seems a fairly arbitrary one when the children are not in school anyway. In some ways the ‘school’ days are easier than the ‘non-school’ days, as they give us something to fill the days with.

We’re both still working, so the day was not hugely different from any other day from the last couple of weeks, except perhaps a little more focus on entertaining the children rather than trying to educate them. I was a little tired and tetchy and not feeling like I was on top parenting form, but at least not actually losing my rag

As my daughter’s birthday party, due to take place early next month, is pretty much certain be cancelled, we had said we would get a Nintendo Switch for her birthday. Far more than we would normally spend on her present, but these are unique time, and it will be a good thing to have if lockdown continues for a long time (for ourselves as much as the kids). However, we hadn’t reckoned on the fact that they are like gold dust right now, with everywhere out of stock. We did manage to source one finally, for a little, if not excessively, more than the usual asking price. Felt like a bit of a sucker as am usually always looking for bargains, but again, exceptional circumstances.

Was knackered by evening and was thinking of reneging on a promise to chat to one of my friends on the phone. Glad we spoke in the end though. Good to know that my friends are still out there, and going through the same sorts of things as us. Was slightly distracted towards the end of the call when my wife showed me the news that Boris Johnson had gone into intensive care. Very strange going to bed genuinely wondering if the Prime Minister would still be alive in the morning.

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