COVID-19 Diary – 16th May -Headphones

Today my daughter rediscovered a pair of headphones from a previous birthday that she had barely used. She asked if she could listen to some pop music on them, so I plugged them into my phone, loaded up Spotify and selected the ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 105 playlist’ (and yes it does make me feel old that the Now series has reached 105 when I remember listening to Now 23 as a youth).

Suddenly this became the only thing she wanted to do all day, sat there, headphones on, little head bopping away, looking very teenage all of a sudden. Every so often she would come over, saying “daddy, you have to listen to this one, it’s really good” and play me a bit of Rita Ora or Louis Tomlinson or whatever. She has shown signs of developing her own love of music, with her insistence on listening to Radio 1 and certain songs she really likes, but this felt different and special. I’m aware of the importance of not pushing you own loves onto your children, but I can’t help it with music. It has bought so much to my life, and hope it will be the same for my kids. I don’t even care what music it is.

All this also reminded of how much I love listening to music on headphones, and how much I miss it. I listen to music on headphones at work, but with only one ear, half paying attention. I used to have my headphones in on my commute, back when commuting was a thing, but it is hard to lose yourself in the music on a crowded train. At home, even when the kids are asleep I don’t really feel I can put my headphones, as you’re always slightly alert to them waking up and needing something (although less so the older they get).

Back in the day I sometimes like to stick an album on and listen in bed through headphones, just before I went to sleep. Eyes closed to focus on the music and nothing else. It’s probably the closest I ever got to meditation (this album was particularly good for those times). I’d like to find a way to bring this headphone experience back into my life.

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