COVID-19 Diary – 17th May – Trapped

A fairly uneventful day today, in which I was thankful for my relative good fortune in this pandemic. Compared to key workers, people who have lost their jobs, people who have lost loved ones, people struggling with their mental health, I have been very lucky. Which is not to say that there won’t be health or financial implications to come for me, but for now, I am fortunate.

I worry especially about anyone trapped in an abusive or unhappy relationship right now. Not that there is ever a good time, but during the lockdown, opportunities for a small amount of respite must have gone. Being stuck at home, even with people you truly love, is not easy. My wife and I have, I would say, a pretty strong and happy marriage, but even we have had more tension and argument in the house than usual. So for those whose relationship is far from happy, it must be so hard.

It is easy for me to be relatively relaxed about the lockdown being extended, given my situation, but I mustn’t forget about those for whom the end can’t come soon enough


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