COVID-19 Diary – 18th May – How Long?

Two months today since I started keeping this diary. In that first entry I wrote “Will write again tomorrow, and for however long it takes for some semblance of normality to return” Two months in, and are we any closer to that?

Certainly, there have been small signs that some elements of ‘normal life’ returning, indeed earlier than we would like in some cases. More people returning to work, the possibility of the children returning to school and nursery. But even the ‘normal’ things we can or soon will be able to do, can not be done in the normal way. Our situation remains deeply strange, not being able to see our families and friends except in carefully prescribed circumstances, or able to do most of the things that made up our pre-lockdown lives.

I spoke to my boss yesterday, who told me it could be December before I’m actually back on campus, working in my office. And who know when other elements of life will return. Travelling to another city? Going to a restaurant? A gig? It certainly seems that there will be no chance of returning to pre-lockdown life before 2020 is out, if it all. When I wrote about my hopes and expectations for 2020 back in January, I was not optimistic, but I never expected this.

P.S. I hope you appreciate I managed to completely avoid using the phrase ‘the new normal’ during this entry, unlike 90% of news articles on life after the pandemic


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