COVID-19 Diary – 19th May – Education

A day of thinking about school today. Firstly Leeds City Council put out a statement on returning to school, making very clear that they would only be allowing more pupils to return to schools when it was safe to do so, which will be judged on a school by school basis. It provides us with no certainty as to when our daughter will return to school, but much more importantly it reassures us that the safety of children and teachers is going to be what guides the decision.

As usual the national government made a blanket proclamation (in this case the return of all Year R, 1 or 6 pupils to school on June 1) without any thought to the detail of how this would work in practice or whether it would be safe to do so. Conveniently for them, anyone who is angry about schools not being open soon enough may direct their ire to schools and councils whilst the government shrugs its shoulders and says “well,we tried to get them to open sooner”

Then reading this article in the Guardian about what schools might actually be like when they re-open was fairly depressing and had me wondering if returning young children to school and asking them to socially distance might be crueller than not returning them at all. Our kids have proven pretty resilient and adaptable so far, but it’s becoming clear they will have to be so for a long time yet.


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