Kids’ music I love : Culture Queen – I Like The Me I See

I don’t think kids’ songs have to have a moral or a message, but it’s great when you find one that does have a positive message but it is also just a really fun song in its’ own right.

I Like The Me I See is one such song: catchy, joyful pop with a summery vibe and an important message on the need for self-affirmation. Enjoy!

Kids’ song of the week : Dean Jones – Swiss Cheese Angels

A bit more of a downtempo choice than in recent weeks, but a really great song nonetheless. Dean Jones has been making music for kids in the band Dog on Fleas since the 1990s, but latest album ‘In My Dreams’ is entirely his own work. ‘Swiss Cheese Angels’ is my favourite from the album, a stripped back production and simple melody, but with wryly funny lyrics about the titular swiss cheese angels, with holes in their wings.

In my Dreams by Dean Jones is available now at Bandcamp

Kids’ song of the week : Kristin Kellner – Obstacle Course

A really fun track featured this week from Kristin Kellner. Her Obstacle Course album excellently covers a variety of musical styles and subject matters, but the opening title track is my particular favourite.

It’s a lyrically ¬†entertaining tale of children exploring an adventure playground, and has the energy and chaos to match the subject matter. What really makes it great though is the twangy guitar riff and repeated whoo-whoo-whoos of the chorus. Enjoy!

Kids’ Song of the Week : The Aquabats : Captain Hampton & The Midget Pirates

I was listening to the excellent Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl podcast this weekend with my daughter. It’s an excellent music podcast for the whole family, covering kids music from all genres. Despite the varied playlist, I was still surprised to hear a song that sounded like one of the ska-punk bands I used to listen to in the 1990s. It turned out that it was, in fact, a ska-punk band from the 1990s, The Aquabats. From being a band, albeit a very silly one, aimed at adults they ended up with their own kids TV show ‘The Aquabats Super Show’.

This song is actually from their earlier period, but works just as well as a kids song. Frantic and fun, its’ subject matter should be fairly apparent from the title. Enjoy!

Kids’ song of the week : Deep Fried Pickle Project – Tatooine

I’m not really a big Star Wars person. Not that I have anything against the films (the original three at least), but I never saw them when I was a kid, so they don’t hold as special a place in my heart as they do for a lot of people. Still, even I have to love this imagining of a Tatooine-based folk band, singing a paean to their home planet. One which Star Wars loving kids and adults will enjoy.