The anger of dads of daughters

There’s an online dads group I’m part of. The guys in the group are, in the main, a pretty good bunch. Politically speaking they lean liberal, and regarding parenthood they tend towards the belief that dads should be just as involved as mums (and there are quite a few stay-at-home dads in the group). There’s the odd bit of grumbling about wives and partners, but rarely do I come across the kind of misogyny and misanthropy that is so rampant in other corners of the internet.

So it was a bit of a shock to read a post from another dad, whose 8 year old daughter had been bullied at a sleepover, describing the bullies as “slack c*nted mongoloids”. Now, I don’t think of myself as particularly prudish (although I do swear less than I used to since becoming a dad), but this took me aback. Quite apart from the fact that I would expect anybody over school age (or Ricky Gervais) to have grown out of the use of the word mongoloid as an insult, the use of slack c*nted to describe a group of 8 year old girls, regardless of what they’d done, is pretty breathtaking. I’m no longer a fan of the c-word, given its’ often misogynistic overtone, but i don’t inherently object to its’ use. To aim such a hateful, sexual phrase as ‘slack-c*nted’ at children though seems to me pretty vile.

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Ten actors I didn’t expect to turn up on CBeebies

10 : Alexander Armstrong – Hey Duggee Ok, it’s not that surprising that he turned up on a kids’ show. He’s appeared on everything else, from game shows, to sketch shows, to grotesque period farces. It just gives me an excuse to mention Hey Duggee, my favourite CBeebies show of all. The animation is superb, as is the music, and it’s genuinely funny. There are … Continue reading Ten actors I didn’t expect to turn up on CBeebies

Blog : Gil Scott the Heron and Other Children’s Stories

I hate almost anything that could be considered performing, especially when put on the spot. This has been the case as long as I can remember. Back in my schooldays, one year the school decided it would make a great ice-breaker at the start of the new school year if each class wrote and performed a song together in front of the rest of the … Continue reading Blog : Gil Scott the Heron and Other Children’s Stories