Blog – A proper writer?

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I recently (or recentlyish) wrote a chapter for a book about Joy Division and today (Ian Curtis’s 60th birthday) is the day the book is finally released. So does that now make me a proper writer? I love writing, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t spend so many of my precious spare moments writing this blog. I never intended the blog to be … Continue reading Blog – A proper writer?

Can a great musician be a great parent?

Ultimately though, I totally believe it’s possible to be a great parent and a great musician. Musicians have barriers to overcome that most people don’t have when it comes to parenting, and those barriers increase the more successful and well known a musical becomes. But all parents have challenges, some deal with them well and some don’t. Musicians are an interesting case, but not an exceptional one. Continue reading Can a great musician be a great parent?

My 7 favourite Top of the Pops moments

I mentioned Top of the Pops in a piece I wrote a couple of weeks back, and it got me thinking about my favourite moments from the show. There has been plenty of nostalgia for TOTP, but it mainly concentrates on moments from before my time (Pans People, Dexy’s performing in front of a picture of darts player Jocky Wilson etc.). Most of my memories are … Continue reading My 7 favourite Top of the Pops moments