Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding

Shipbuilding was written by Elvis Costello and Clive Langer during the Falklands War, about the impact of the war in the traditional shipbuilding areas of the UK. Whilst returning prosperity (briefly) to those areas, it also meant sending their children to fight and possibly die for their country. Whilst this sounds like dry subject matter for a song, it manages to combine the political and the personal in a profound and beautiful manner. Lyrically, to me, it is one of the finest songs ever written. Continue reading Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding


A song to start your week : Aris San – Dam Dam

This week’s song to start your week comes from Greece via 1970s Israel. Not for any topical reasons, I hasten to add, just because it’s a great record, which I discovered on a Fortuna Records mix of middle-eastern music. This one always cheers me up (which I need today on my first day back in work after a week off). I occasionally find myself lamenting … Continue reading A song to start your week : Aris San – Dam Dam

Pascal Comelade & Robert Wyatt – September Song

My wife and I were married three and a half years ago at the Unitarian Church in Brighton. We first really became aware of it as a building when watching Slow Club there as part of the Great Escape festival back in 2010, and when we began arranging our wedding the following year it was our first choice of venue. As an atheist, I did feel slightly uncomfortable at first about the idea of a church wedding, even though what little I knew about Unitarianism, and the Brighton church in particular, placed it very firmly on the liberal non-dogmatic side of religion.

Brighton Unitarian Church
Brighton Unitarian Church

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Lisa Hannigan – Safe Travels (Don’t Die)

I asked friends on Facebook a few months back, for recommendations on great albums I may have missed over the years. Of all the recommendations I was given, Lisa Hannigan’s ‘Passenger‘ is perhaps my favourite. I’d heard her name in the past, when she was nominated for the Mercury prize for example, but don’t think I’d ever heard one of her songs before. It’s a … Continue reading Lisa Hannigan – Safe Travels (Don’t Die)