Track of the Day 515 : Sleaford Mods – Time Sands

Sleaford Mods are rapidly becoming one of my favourite bands. At first I was far from sure about, wondering what the appeal was in this middle aged man ranting over some minimal riffs and beats, but the more I listened the more I understood. The lyrics are both angry and hilarious, filled with scathing indictments of the emptiness of modern Britain, but they also have a rhythm and poetry to them. It takes time to tune your ears in to this, but it’s there. Likewise, the music backing these words doesn’t seem much at first, but it some becomes apparent that the minimalism makes for the perfect platform.

New album ‘English Tapas’ is full of gems, but ‘Time Sands’ has become a particular favourite. A slow, lolloping number, rather than the rush of words which pour out of Jason’s mouth in a typical Sleaford Mods track, the lines here are more considered, melodic almost. It provides a needed change of pace in an otherwise fairly relentless album.

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Track of the Day 514 : Chemtrails – Deranged

What better way to start a Monday morning than with a blast of pop-punk goodness? I must admit it’s not a type of music I listen to that much nowadays, but this track from London’s Chemtrails begins with such an insistent, compelling riff that it was impossible not to be drawn in, and the chorus proved to be equally catchy. Chemtrails are just 2 EPs into a young career at this stage, but I’ll be looking out for their debut album later this year.

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Track of the Day 513 : Young Adventurers – She’s So Nice

It’s always good when a new record label launches in your home city, so I’d like to welcome Leeds’ latest addition, Bowl Cut Records, who joined us with the excellent North x South West compilation back in January. I’ve already featured Crumbs excellent ‘On Tiptoes’¬†without even knowing it appeared on this comp, and today is the turn of Young Adventurers¬†.

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Track of the Day 512 : Pet Shop Boys – The Pop Kids

The Pet Shop Boys are one of those bands I haven’t paid enough attention to in my life, but I almost always like what I hear from them, and it’s pleasing to find (via this guest mix from Rodney Cromwell) that they’ve still been putting out great tunes as recently as 2016. Love the lyrics in this tale of the early 90s pop scene, but love the housy pianos, fitting perfectly with the era described in the song, even more.

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Track of the Day 511 : Bjork – Cystalline (Omar Souleyman Remix)

I love pretty much everything Bjork does, but even I have to admit that Biophilia wasn’t her absolute strongest album (musically at least, conceptually it was an interesting and innovative as ever). I’ve only recently discovered its’ remix album Bastards, which is fascinating in a way that few remix albums are.

Remixes range from glitch master Alva Noto to experimental hip-hop band Death Grips, but my particular favourite is the version of Crystalline (already Biophilia’s best song) by the Syrian former wedding singer Omar Souleyman. I wasn’t previously familiar with his music, but both riffs and voice are powerfully addictive and make for a surprisingly superb match with Bjork’s electronic ballad.

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