Tracks of the year 2015

There were so many great songs to choose from in 2015, so to narrow it down to 11 I had to ask myself, which were the songs I listened to on repeat throughout the year? Even then, I was only able to narrow it down to 11 rather than the more traditional ten. So, here goes:

11. De Lux – Oh Man the Future

De Lux were our new band of the month back in September, but this was always my favourite song of theirs by far. As compelling and catchy as a paranoid rant about the future can be.

10. Leftfield and Sleaford Mods – Head and Shoulders

Sleaford Mods were perhaps the most divisive band of the year, as became apparent when a friend mentioned this track on Facebook. The split was pretty even between those who thought it was the worst thing they’d ever heard, and those who love it. I wasn’t sure at first, but grew to love it, with Leftield’s bassy electronic rumblings proving a perfect match for Sleaford Mods’ surrealist, angry ranting.

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I Swear

My daughter is now close to one year old, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that there are some words that she understands. She may not be able to say them yet, but there are certain people or objects we mention that she will immediately look or point at. The problem with her understanding words, is that there are now certain words we have to try not … Continue reading I Swear

Lisa Hannigan – Safe Travels (Don’t Die)

I asked friends on Facebook a few months back, for recommendations on great albums I may have missed over the years. Of all the recommendations I was given, Lisa Hannigan’s ‘Passenger‘ is perhaps my favourite. I’d heard her name in the past, when she was nominated for the Mercury prize for example, but don’t think I’d ever heard one of her songs before. It’s a … Continue reading Lisa Hannigan – Safe Travels (Don’t Die)