Low – Double Negative

The story of how failed flirting and a copied cassette led me to fall in love with Low, and how their album ‘Double Negative’ made that love stronger than ever. Continue reading Low – Double Negative

Albums of the year 2015

I knew that  2015 was going to be a good year for music when Sleater-Kinney, Belle & Sebastian and Bjork had all released albums within weeks of its’ start. Pretty much every artist whose albums I look forward to released one in 2015. The only downside to which is that there were many new (or new to me) artists who released great albums but couldn’t quite squeeze into my top 10. Haiku Salut, Ultimate Painting, Kendrick Lamar, Holly Herndon & Sleaford Mods are all albums well worth checking out. But on to the list (Spotify playlist of all ten albums below)

10. Joanna Newsom – Divers

Joanna Newsom is one of my all time favourite artists, and the person whose song this site is named after, so after waiting  5 and a half years for a new album, expectations were high to say the least. So, for Divers to simply be a very good album was a slight disappointment. It lacks the epic scope of Have One On Me or Ys, and the direct melodies of The Milk Eyed Mender, but is intricate, always interesting and more musically varied than anything she has produced before. Released late in the year, it may have time to grow on me yet. Even a slightly underwhelming Joanna Newsom album is better than most albums released any year.

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8 ways I discovered music that my daughter never will

I wrote earlier in the week about how my daughter’s experiences of Internet music will be very different from mine. This got me thinking of all the other ways I used to discover music that my daughter never will. 1. Top of the Pops The best thing about Top of the Pops was its’ egalitarianism. There was no attempt to be hip, but equally there … Continue reading 8 ways I discovered music that my daughter never will