Track of the Day 517 : Los Campesinos – Renato Dall’Ara (2008)

Ah, it’s good to have Los Campesinos back. Since I first saw them at Glastonbury in, I think, 2008 they’ve been a favourite of mine, and new album Sick Scenes doesn’t disappoint. Opening track Renato Dall’Ara (2008) is a particular favourite, with all the hallmarks of a great Los Campesinos track. Slightly unwieldy title? Check. Fantastic lyrics including wordplay and obscure references? Check. (The Interpol pun in verse 2, below, will take some beating in the lyric of the year competition).

Daddy came out of retirement, he took a hobby as a PCSO
Let me level this as an indictment: only a part-time grass, but a full-time asshole
They would play my requests at the guestlist’s behest, any disco all across town
But things change, now Stella’s a lager and boy she is always downed

Excellent shouty backing vocals? Check. Joyous, poppy, punky wondefulness? Check. I especially love the opening fade up straight into a catchy as hell woh-oh-oh melody.

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