Track of the Day 510 : Tim Heidecker – Trump Talkin’ Nukes

Today’s track of the day is another from the ‘Our First 100 Days’¬†project, and manages to be one of the most powerful¬†anti-Trump songs on that album without really mentioning the man directly. A piano backed, country-soul ballad, it takes on in very direct, heartfelt fashion the renewed fear of nuclear armageddon that exists under the current president.

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Track of the Day 509 : Joan of Arc – Vampire E.R.

Our First 100 Days is a charity project set up to support causes and organisations who are under threat from the policies of the Trump presidency. A new track will be posted every day of the first 100 days of the presidency, and a donation of $30 or more will allow you to subscribe to the whole series.

Bands featured so far include everyone from Jason Molina to A Place to Bury Strangers. Some tracks attack Trump directly, some obliquely, some are not obviously political at all, but the quality is almost uniformly high. My personal favourite to date (they’re about halfway through the project), is Vampire E.R. by Joan of Arc, a band I’ll admit to knowing little about. It’s a kind of post-apocalyptic fable, almost spoken word with a kind of dark post-rock vibe, and the mood somehow fits perfectly with the project.

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Bringing up a child in the time of Trump

This is not primarily a political blog, but in times like these ignoring the political situation should not be an option. The first week or so of Donald Trump’s presidency has been worse than I possibly imagined, and my expectations were extremely low. More concerning even than any of the individual policies he has put in place, is the disregard for the rule of law and the constitution. It is also very apparent that our own government here in the UK is not going to do anything to stand up to him, regardless of what he does.

trump-protest-leeds trump-protest-leeds-2

So I joined a few thousand of my fellow citizens at a march in Leeds last night, protesting against Trump’s travel ban, the man himself and our governments craven subservience. I’ve been cynical in the past of marches, protests and petitions, believing there is little chance of them having any impact. I’ve come to realise though that, although protesting has only a tiny chance of making a difference, sitting on my arse doing nothing has absolutely zero chance of making a difference, so I know which I’d rather be doing right now.

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